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IDT Helps Regional and Community Banks
Cut Costs, Ease Compliance

Founded in 1992, with over 100+ years of combined industry experience, IDT helps companies improve the speed and efficiency of their document management systems, and delivers top quality and personalized service. Mortgage processing is a cost-intensive process, but with IDT solutions in place, our clients have realized dramatic reductions in cost. 

IDT offers professional consulting services, software for loan orgination automation, global cloud based faxing and SMS solutions for the financial services industry, content services, outsourced document scanning services, workflow, training and support.

As reported in American Banker, IDT succeeded in driving down the per-mortgage processing costs from over $45.00 per loan to under $7.00 per loan for a regionally-based community bank in Dallas, TX. We can deliver similar results for your organization too! Contact us today. 

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