IoT Smart Connected Scanning, Centralized, Distributed Branch Capture and Mailroom Automation

In a paper-based environment, documents get shipped from remote banking locations or via independent broker networks to the underwriters. They go through the underwriting process and get moved in turn to each next person down the line. This paper-based environment is not only inefficient and costly, it is also easy for documents to get lost and mistakes are likely to be made.

IT Technician Works on Laptop next to a Server CabinetContent normalization is also a huge problem for your industry. You are presented all kinds of documents in different formats: Excel, Word, TIF Group III, TIF Group IV, JBIG, PDF, JPEG, the list is endless. How do you normalize all that varying content coming from different sources like Email, Faxes, Paper, File Transfers via FTP, etc.? These are all challenges we know how to solve because we have solved them for others in the past.

Centralized data and document capture is how lending institutions have conducted business in the past. Capture at the point of origin using CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE™ allows your remote branches to capture the entire loan package where the loan originates – eliminating the need to overnight loan documents back to your central servicing site for prepping, underwriting, processing, and closing. CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE provides the ability to ingest email and attachments as well as allowing underwriters and processors to capture loan packages remotely and work from home. If you don’t have a comprehensive work at home strategy that addresses remote branch capture, workflow, document imaging, records management, loan disposition, etc. you will lose your workforce to the competition!

Capture at Point of Origin (sometimes referred to as End Point Capture) has never been easier since the introduction of IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE featuring INfuse by Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business.  INfuse Splash Graphic showing imagery of device

IDT’s unique document and data capture, extraction, document classification workflow, mailroom automation and storage services make it easy to get loan documents to and from the underwriter’s office – offering huge expense reduction opportunities. Using document scanners and document capture software, we digitize documents for easy transportation and reading. In addition, document classification and workflow technology is included in our services. We follow a strict process that is auditable and consistent to meet the ever-increasing and burdensome banking regulations. Our solution minimizes shipping costs and the time-consuming, manual data entry process.

Download and read a story about at a  dramatic per-mortgage expense cost reduction experienced by a mortgage originator and loan servicer customer as reported in American Banker.

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